Currently I have this decal for my MacBook Pro, from Etsy, which I really like and get complimented on and asked about all the time. Plus it has a nice rebel feel to it. MAVERICK! But, this new decal, I’m thinking, blows it away. I’m no huge Iron Man fan, of either the movies or comics, but this is pretty damned awesome, especially with the use of the cutout glowing Apple logo in the Iron Man suit.

Unfortunately, they are all sold out right now (rightfully so, with this level of badassery), so I can only hope that more get into inventory soon, since I’ll order a few of these in a heartbeat if I can (and trust me, getting just one vinyl you want is suicide: unless you’ve put one on before, you’ll horribly screw up the first attempt…if not more).

See more at skinat’s Etsy page for this decal.