Over the span of my career I have architected, developed, engineered, project managed, and led the successful launch of large-scale web sites, software applications (web, desktop, and mobile), large-scale eCommerce systems responsible for generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, Rich Internet Applications through AJAX and Flash, managed both large and small teams, and pushed the technological and innovative fronts as much as possible through each of those efforts. There may or may not be a history of pranks and shenanigans. But our shenanigans are cheeky and fun.

The span of my career also includes leading and building physical systems including interactive displays, in-park games, kiosks and attractions (rides) at both Walt Disney World® and Disneyland® in order to connect them to desktop-based games, interactive displays, email systems, and the ability for Disney’s Guests to “bring the magic home.” If you’ve ever sent yourself a free picture of you or your family trying to shoot targets in Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters in Disneyland®, rode on Midway Mania, or played VMK, that was me (though I certainly wasn’t alone). And yes, it was that cool to work on those. You are filled with jealousy, but the good kind.

I have cultivated and built engineering teams, both from handpicked and scratch to taking over existing teams, that focus on quality, standards, productivity, balance…and a lot of nerf wars, especially while waiting for builds to complete.

I have patents. I like cats. My cats don’t care about the patents, but I’m pretty sure they are impressed but just can’t be bothered to admit it.

I’ve worked with numerous (both proprietary and open source) OOP, web, rich-media, and traditional software engineering languages, platforms, and services. I would list them all, but the boredome of typing all that would kill me and you wouldn’t read it anyway. But know ye this: I’ve reviled and cursed each one of them at some point…more than once. Some quite often (oh dotNet and IIS, you inglorious bastards, you shall pay for your insolence).

I’ve written technical specifications, software specifications, RFCs, authored and introduced full standards across entire organizations for training, recruiting, and engineering/development. Some just because it needed done, and others because I was asked specifically by VPs/CIOs. And I spell-checked them.

I fought in the Browser Wars, bled through software ports and migrations, survived layoffs, partied in the dotcom, and made computer systems in other states do things they are not supposed to (but that’s just between us).

I have looked up through 130 feet of ocean and wondered where the hell the boat is, dove with Great Whites and Hammerheads, challenged a male Sea Lion for dominance, captured octopi, looked down into the inky blackness 1.2 miles below me, and yes, I even kissed a Moray Eel…75 feet below the ocean surface.

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