That’s It…No More Kilts at eTech…srsly
For years now the kilts have been making their presence known at eTech. From the utilikilt to the plain old regular kilt. So far we have managed to avoid any accidental lifting of the kilts, though there was a danger-close incident a few years back on a windy balcony during the morning break. If you thought the hideous beast from Cloverfield was badass and bowel-evacuation threatening, you need to think about the accidental sighting of the nether regions of a crazed and dorked out geek when the wind yanks the kilt skyward and all are punished by the abomination.

It’s been relatively benign so far…but let’s just face facts here: this is not a trend that is going to catch on unless you are going to fight the English to reclaim your land in the late 1300s. Yeah, maybe it is cool to be a geek now, but wearing a kilt in no way helps support that claim. Additionally…if one is going go insist on continuing the clearly dead-end kilt effort…buy more than one kilt. Please.