A Chinese television station in Beijing has fessed up…well, wait they kind of had to, seeing as they burned down a new 44-story luxury hotel right in the middle of downtown Beijing. So I saw this kind of going down like this:

Chinese TV Station: “Yo…um, your hotel? Yeah, that nice new Mandarin Oriental hotel, 44 stories of awesomeness. We’re kind of accidentally burning it down, right now, with um unauthorized fireworks. Whatever the hell that means. So… Yeah… Our bad.”
44-Story Luxury Hotel: “Wait. You did wha…? OH GAWD! IT BURNS! PUT ME OUT!”
Chinese TV Station: “…”
44-Story Luxury Hotel: “We weren’t even done with construction!”
Chinese TV Station: “Oh oh oh! I… I’m sorry. I thought my Dark Lord of the Sith you guys could protect a small thermal exhaust port that’s only two meters wide!”
44-Story Luxury Hotel: “That thing wasn’t even fully paid off yet!”

I make me lol.

Source: Mail Online.