Yesterday LAist had an article talking about a new pizza place in Studio City, The Arb Pizza Cafe, and one of the guys on my team, Jeff, is a massive foodie. So we all had no choice but to go with him on this next culinary experiment.

Plus, the way LAist described it piqued our interest:

Matt Compton, co-owner of Arb Pizza answers the phone. Someone wants to know if his pizza is true new york pizza. “I’ll tell you what,” he exclaims. “If you don’t like it, come back here, throw on the floor and I’ll make you new one.”

We figured it would be easy to tell if this place was any good, since we imagined if it was bad that we would know upon walking in since there would either be pizza all over the floor or we would be slipping all over the grease left behind from the cover up. As it so happened, as we walked in there was some mopping up of the floor going on. We hoped this meant pizzas had been thrown, but unfortunately it just seemed to be a drink spill.

We ended up opting for the Parma pizza, which was friggin’ delicious: fresh mozzarella, arugula, parmigiano, tasty prosciutto, on a thin crust cooked just right and not overdone. Scott, who is anti-vegetable (despite repeated denial of this) was with us until we told him what arugula was, thus only half the pizza had arugula. The pizza also was not heavy and didn’t weigh you down, yet still satiating. We got the 18″ version, which was just right for 4 of us.

They also have a menu of paninis, one of them sounded awesome (prosciutto and brie), so maybe we’ll have to go back to try those one day too. Plus they deliver.

Overall, we all liked it, no complaints, pizza was tasty, good and helpful service, and it was nice to sit outside while we ate. For 4 of us, 1 pizza, and 4 drinks, the bill was about $33, with another $5 for parking/valet (we’re lazy). I’d recommend it if you’re around.

The Arb Pizza Cafe
11946 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, Ca 91604 (Google Map)
One block east of Laurel Canyon

Source – LAist: Real New York Pizza, Now in Studio City